Wales Sanctuary Service

The Wales Sanctuary Service helps Asylum Seekers understand their rights and gives support at crucial points on their journey.

We partner with DPIA, EYST, BAWSO, Asylum Justice, and TGP Cymru to:

  • Help with legal advice,
  • Provide access to women’s specialist services and young people services,
  • Promote client-led advocacy.

Asylum seekers receive:


  • One-to-one information about their rights from a specialist caseworker registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner,
  • Face-to-face support for urgent issues.

We provide support on issues like:


  • Alleviating destitution,
  • Accessing safe and secure housing,
  • Helping challenge unfair asylum decisions,
  • Access to education and health,
  • Social and play opportunities for children and their families.