Help with Health Issues

How can I access healthcare?

You are entitled to access free primary healthcare in the UK. In Wales, any person who has previously applied for asylum in the UK is entitled to free secondary healthcare. You can find a list of local health services you can register with such as GPs and dentists here

I need help with health costs. 

You are also entitled to apply for help with health costs such as free prescriptions, free dental care, free eye-tests and help paying for glasses.  You can apply for a HC2 certificate which outlines your eligibility for reduced fees at the Dentist and Opticians here .  You can request a printed copy of this form via email on or by calling the publications order line on 0345 603 1108  or you may also be able to get an HC1W form from Jobcentres, NHS hospitals, dentists and opticians.

NHS Services Near You