Policy and Campaigning

A photograph of a group of people from the Welsh Refugee Council protesting against the UK Rwanda policy.We are the leading organisation for asylum seekers and refugees in Wales. Sanctuary seekers and refugees bring skills and diversity that enrich Wales, but they can sometimes be made to feel unwelcome.


We campaign to


  • Challenge anti-refugee rhetoric and call out hostile practices to increase public understanding.
  • Improve policies and practice that directly affect those seeking sanctuary.
  • Celebrate the rich contribution asylum seekers and refugees bring to our country by sharing positive stories and promoting their many skills, talents and abilities.
  • Enable our clients to act as their own advocates and let their voices be heard.


Support us as we campaign for a fairer, kinder and more supportive system for those who come to our country in search of safety. We stand up for equality, respect and dignity for all who seek sanctuary in Wales and the UK. Through our campaigns, we work to improve the lives of asylum seekers and refugees and enable them to advocate for themselves. Donate today.


Our Campaigns

Stop the Illegal Migration Bill

We call on all Welsh Parliamentarians to reject the Illegal Migration Bill.

You can sign our open letter here: Wales MUST reject the Illegal Migration Bill – Welsh Refugee Council (wrc.wales)


Stop the Rwanda Plan


We continue to protest against the UK government’s cruel and unjust plan to send asylum seekers and refugees to Rwanda.

A photograph of Stop the Rwanda plan protesters outside the Welsh Senedd.


Campaign against the Nationality and Borders Act


We petitioned against the anti-refugee Nationality and Borders Act.

Other campaigns you can join

A black and white photograph of barbed wire fencing.Join the campaign for a fair and humane asylum system | Refugee Council.







A graphic that reads calling on Local Authorities to Fight the #AntiRefugee LawsStand up against anti-refugee laws passed under the Nationality and Borders Bill with this toolkit to help you call on your local authority created by Asylum Matters.




A photograph of a woman spray painted silver to look like a statue holding a lift the ban poster.Get involved in the Lift the Ban Campaign by Refugee Action.