What is the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on sanctuary seekers?

Could you live off only £40.85 a week?

As the cost of everyday essentials has skyrocketed the financial support received by people seeking sanctuary has stayed the same.

People seeking sanctuary are forced to live off only £40.85 a week. This is meant to cover all essential living needs including all food and drink, clothing, toiletries, household cleaning items, everyday medication, travel, and communication.

Meanwhile, most sanctuary seekers are not allowed to work and are forced into destitution as a result.

Speaking to ITV Wales last month Hossam, a Welsh Refugee Council client, explained how forced destitution causes enormous pressures on sanctuary seekers mental and physical health.

“If you want to go from Swansea to Cardiff and have 2-Days of food – The money is finished. It means for 5-days in the week you don’t have any money in your pocket”

Haroon, a Welsh Refugee Council Volunteer, re-iterated our calls to allow sanctuary seekers to work and Lift the Ban. Speaking to ITV Wales Haroon stated “If you give asylum-seekers the right to work they can help themselves and they can help society and integrate very quickly”

You can watch the full clip here https://youtu.be/R1RWbMvPsVM

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Hossam – A Welsh Refugee Council client
Haroon – A Welsh Refugee Council volunteer