Welcome Ticket Feedback!

We are delighted that Welsh Government has extended the Welcome Ticket for refugees until 31 March 2024.

This provides a lifeline for Refugees rebuilding their lives in Wales enabling people to attend all-important English Language classes, seek legal advice, and spend time with their communities. 

Nonetheless, we are all too well aware that some people have been wrongly refused the conditions of the Welcome Ticket.

As such, we are conducting a survey to gather the experiences of the Welcome Ticket. 

We want to know how many refugees know about the Welcome Ticket. We also want to know if you have had any bad experiences using trains and buses in Wales. Your feedback and comments can help us make the Welcome Ticket better and help more refugees feel welcome in Wales. You can complete the form here.

This survey is for refugees in Wales. If you are not a refugee in Wales, this survey is not for you.

All responses will be anonymous. If you have any questions, please email Gareth at gareth@wrc.wales