Upholding Humanity: A Call for Reform in the UK Asylum System

We all agree that the UK needs an efficient, functioning asylum system that does not waste taxpayers’ money. The current system, and the proposed Rwanda plan, are ineffective, dysfunctional, and expensive, forcing people to put their lives on hold for far too long.

We are immensely relieved by the Supreme Court’s reasonable decision, announced this morning. The justices have upheld what we have always known about the UK government’s inhumane proposal: Rwanda is simply not safe, and genuine asylum claimants would likely be sent back to dangerous conditions in their home countries without their cases ever being heard. It is telling that the Supreme Court justices were unanimous and unequivocal in their ruling: the Rwanda plan does not comply with British or international law.

We hope today’s ruling clears the slate and will allow the UK to move forward in considering a more humane, efficient asylum system, one that treats people with dignity and respect. What we do not need is another Rwanda plan with another country. We call on the UK Government to expand its safe and legal routes. Asylum seekers must be allowed to travel here safely and have their cases heard within reasonable timeframes, so they can get on with their lives.

Andrea Cleaver
CEO Welsh Refugee Council

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