Safaa’s story gets told in Parliament

On Tuesday 7 March, the UK Parliament discussed the latest of the UK Government’s anti-migrant policies. Among all the rhetoric and hateful comments, Plaid Cymru MP, Hywel Williams, used the occasion to remember the humans at the centre of it. 

Hywel Williams’ office got in touch with us because he wanted to tell the story of an asylum seeker or refugee. We spoke to Safaa, who kindly shared her story about fleeing Syria twelve years ago.  

After telling Saffa’s story, Hywel Williams said: “I want to say to Safaa that she is welcome and that we want her to stay as long as necessary”. He then asked the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, if she had any words for Safaa.  


Safaa’s story: 

“I escaped Syria escaping Daesh looking for a better life for my family. I left everything behind. I lost it all. I left my roots. I came by plane, but it took me two months to make the whole journey. People don’t put their families in danger if it’s not for a better life. Some lose family members making the journey. There is a lot of emotional damage. 

“With the UK Government policy, when you arrive, the dream is broken, it is gone. Still, my family have settled in Wales and contribute to society. If when I arrived 12 years ago I was told I was being sent to Rwanda, I would have killed myself. People are not coming for a life of luxury. I know a Syrian who was a GP back home, now he mops pub floors.”