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Like anyone with a conscience, we are extremely shocked and angry to see the detention of asylum seekers being carried out all across the UK, including Wales. Future generations will be aghast and ashamed at the footage of these cruel, heavy-handed, and blatantly performative actions.

We are still learning the exact details about who is being detained and who might be detained in the future. What we already know is that this policy will cause immense suffering and trauma to those it targets. Once more, we highlight the need for a more humane, efficient asylum system, one that treats people with respect and does not waste taxpayers’ money.

As we wait for more information and clarity on this decision from the Home Office, here are some helpful resources:

If you are an asylum-seeker living in Wales and you have received a letter from the Home Office saying you will be detained and sent to Rwanda, please contact us as soon as possible at 0808 196 7273