Introducing the Welsh Refugee Coalition’s Manifesto

What changes would you like to see in the country?

How can our political representatives introduce legislation to protect vulnerable individuals and families?

What is the impact of hateful language and myths used by influential political figures?

An election can bring all these questions to light, and the 2024 UK General Election is no exception. But as well as asking ourselves these questions, the Welsh Refugee Coalition is turning them to political candidates in their 2024-25 Manifesto. Their Manifesto sets out the commitments and changes they’d like to see to help Wales become a safe and supportive home for sanctuary seekers and refugees.

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Five Steps to Sanctuary

The Welsh Refugee Coalition is a collection of organisations that work with sanctuary seekers and refugees across the country. Through their work with lived experience experts, they have created this year’s manifesto to outline how legislation can improve asylum seeker experiences in the UK, from journeys to seeking safety, to rights to work, to housing access.

The manifesto offers five steps to rebuild our asylum system with compassion at its core:

  1. Commit to the right to seek asylum in the UK
  2. Build an effective asylum system that treats people with dignity and compassion
  3. Review the impact of policies on No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) for those facing homelessness
  4. Stand up for migrant justice
  5. Commit to the Nation of Sanctuary vision of welcome

Speaker in the Senedd.

Political Pledge

The manifesto is a clear guide for political candidates to support a safer asylum system that has universal benefits. It asks for pledges to provide a fair hearing for all asylum seekers and refugees no matter their method of arrival and work to broaden family reunion rules to keep families together.

Candidates can also pledge to work in harmony with colleagues in the Senedd to put into practice Wales’s vision of becoming a Nation of Sanctuary.

Manifesto page.

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