Hate Crime awareness

We are committed to making Wales a welcoming nation to all those seeking sanctuary here. Unfortunately, we know that’s not always the experience.


Asylum seekers and refugees can be the targets of hate crime but often worry about reporting it.  This can be because of bad experiences with authorities in their own countries, that they worry about the impact on their asylum or immigration application, or they might not realise that this sort of abuse is illegal in the UK and is something that they should not have to tolerate.


We are delighted to have secured funding from the Welsh Government to deliver an awareness raising programme on Hate Crime.


We will be delivering a series of innovative workshops across Wales to increase understanding of hate crimes and how to report. This will be supported by a number of trained Hate Crime Ambassadors drawn from those with experience of seeking sanctuary in Wales who can then provide peer to peer support for participants. We are also enabling an opportunity to explore the relationship between power and hate crime through drama and role play.


We are also producing specialist resources aimed at raising awareness.


Our Hate Crime Leaflet is available below and we are delighted to be able to offer these as audio documents in both English and Arabic.


Hate Crime Leaflet – English Audio


Hate Crime Leaflet – Arabic Audio