Diolch yn Fawr Volunteers! 🧡

As we approach the end of Volunteer Week; Martin Smidman, Volunteer Manager, shares his thoughts about the contributions of volunteers to the Welsh Refugee Council :

“In this week, when we celebrate the tremendous, and often unsung, contribution that volunteers make to helping people in the UK and abroad, the Welsh Refugee Council would like to recognise the work that our volunteers do.   

It takes many forms.  Supporting our clients in triage in the offices, assisting caseworkers as they help both asylum seekers and refugees in so many ways – with housing, travel documents, opening bank accounts, accessing Universal Credit and finding pathways into education and work.  Our volunteers also assist at our wonderful playgroup, teach ESOL, and help with communications, social media and wider policy, advocating for people coming here.   

We are very proud that we have been awarded the Investors in Volunteers Quality mark, initially 3 years ago and now renewed in the last month.  This is a testimony to the vital work that our volunteers do. The Welsh Refugee Council could not run in the way that it does without our volunteers.  They are part of the very fabric of the organisation.” 

Many thanks to WCVA who fund our volunteering work. Diolch yn fawr.