You can help welcome Afghan refugees

Dear Supporters,

You will have seen the devastating images of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. We know that people are scared and are deeply worried that such a regime will put their lives at risk.

The Taliban are not known for giving freedoms or justice, as you and I have been privileged to experience in our daily lives.

I cannot fully express the sorrow and anguish that many Afghan families are suffering, not knowing if they will get out or if they will reach a place of safety.

At the Welsh Refugee Council, we are continuing to do everything we can to support local authorities to welcome refugees with dignity and respect. We remain involved in conversations around what support would look like for Afghans.

And alongside the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan, there is an ever-growing risk to all refugees arriving in the UK.

Priti Patel is currently promoting the Nationality and Borders Bill in Parliament, to create a more hostile, punitive environment for those seeking safety. The Bill has been opposed by over 260 organisations and alarmingly misrepresents why refugees come to the UK.

The Bill and the New Plan for Immigration that underpins it are nothing short of xenophobic. The Bill has been devised to account for the worst type of person entering the UK, not the vast majority who are fleeing for their lives. The lessons from the Windrush scandal have not been listened to.

This year we saw Priti Patel misrepresent asylum figures in the UK, so much so that the United Nations published a fact checking response.

What this crisis in Afghanistan has shown us all is that people fleeing their homes often don’t have the time to be allocated to ‘resettlement waiting lists’. If you were in their shoes, you would do everything possible to reach a place of safety now.

People fleeing for their lives should not be labelled ‘illegal’ just because their names are not on a list. Great Britain is not a nightclub.

We welcome conversations with the Home Office on how together we can create a better system for all. For Britain to be ‘Great’, we must do great things. You can join us in asking for the Bill to be scrapped.

You can help change lives and feed into our vital work, by donating here.

Diolch yn fawr


Andrea Cleaver                             

Chief Executive, Welsh Refugee Council