We are against the New Immigration Plan for the UK

Read our response to UK government’s proposed changes to the asylum system

We are deeply concerned about the proposed changes to the asylum system, which we believe will make things more difficult for asylum seekers, especially those who are forced to arrive through unapproved routes.

The proposed changes will likely have the worst impact on those people whose lives are under the greatest threat in their home countries and are forced to leave their home to seek safety.

What are the proposed changes in the New Plan for Immigration?

  • Asylum seekers arriving through anything other than resettlement will receive a lesser form of protection, including no access to financial support, and limited rights to family reunion. They will live in constant fear of return to persecution or death at any moment.
  • Despite widespread criticism, the Home Office wants to increase use of inhumane, cramped refugee ‘camps’ to hold asylum seekers. These camps have been found to have a lack of access to health care, legal advice and support services.
  • The introduction of ‘scientific methods’ to assess the age of asylum seekers and allowing immigration officers, rather than social workers, to assess age. Age assessments are complex and specialist work that cannot be made without a degree of error and immigration officers do not have the expertise to carry them out.
  • Failed asylum-seeking families will be given little to no support, forcing many into destitution and homelessness.

In addition to these concerning proposals, the report includes many instances of misleading language, misinformation, and inflammatory language, such as conflating asylum seekers with illegal immigrants.

Download and read our consultation response.

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To read the New Plan for Immigration, please visit: here.