Refugee Week Wales

Refugee Week Wales back!

From June 15th – 21st, the world will be celebrating Refugee Week a  worldwide week to one-month long of art, cultural and educational festival that celebrates and highlights the contributions, talents, and skills of asylum seekers and refugees.

Despite the nationwide lockdown, Wythnos Ffoaduriaid Cymru 2020, Refugee Week Wales 2020 will be taking place online.  To join an event go to

Refugee Day will be on Thursday, June 20th 2020 and the theme for this year is Imagine!

This year’s theme is asking everyone to imagine! Imagine what it feels like to leave behind all that you know to seek safety, now imagine what you can do to can create a welcome for anyone seeking sanctuary. Refugee Week Wales provides that opportunity.

Join the Festival

Everyone is welcome to take part in Refugee Week Wales.  Events are being held all across Wales. You can organise your own online event, participate and help facilitate someone else’s or simply attend an online event.

You can also register your event on Refugee Week UK  here

To post your event for Wales only email is the home for Refugee Week Wales event. Find events in Wales here