Read Ghurnata’s Story

Ghurnata reflects back on her time volunteering with WRC.

“It was good time in WRC during my volunteer placement. I want to thank you all with my true feelings. I had very good time with all team members. We worked as a family. If I looked up the meaning of “Team Work “ in dictionary then I would say “the environment of WRC” .

“Lina thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of your team, you are a fantastic person.  Theo is really helpful person in guiding me through every step- your mentoring meant so much to me. Haroon is like a dear brother, he was always a helping hand in dealing with clients, and Ach too also a dear brother and lovely person.”

“If I will get chance to select a friendly professional working environment, then I will choose Welsh Refugee Council.”

We supported Ghurnata with her volunteer placement, and as a result Ghurnata increased her casework skills, and has gone on to secure paid employment. We are delighted to have supported her and look forward to seeing Ghurnata shine further.