Case Study – Mustafa’s Story

I left Syria because of the years of war.  As a young man, I was told by people from both sides of the conflict, that I had to join the war.  I chose not to and as a result of remaining neutral, each side of conflict thought that I was supporting the other, putting my life at risk.


People – asylum seekers don’t feel safe in their country.


We went back to see if we can continue our life in our country, only to lose some family members due to unsafe living conditions in my home, and war of course.


The Welsh Refugee Council has been very good to me and other asylum seekers and refugees.  They help me cope with the challenges of the asylum system; I go to their office in Cardiff every day to attend ESOL classes. They are a wonderful group of people and they care about us.


I wish everyone would support the Welsh Refugee Council because it is important for us to live a life of safety.  When we come to the Welsh Refugee Council, we know that we will get the help we need to ensure that we feel safe and can get on with the life that we lost in our country.


The Welsh Refugee Council gave me a chance to speak to the First Minister of Wales when we visited the Senedd.  It encouraged me and I feel proud to get the chance to say thank you to the Welsh Government for making asylum seekers feel safe to start again.