Case Study – Alia’s Story

Alia left her home country of Albania in 2014 and was brought to the UK by traffickers, because of fleeing a forced marriage, arranged by her father. Upon arrival, she was met by 2 men who locked her in a room and forced her to work as a prostitute.


Later that year she was helped to escape but fell pregnant and was eventually taken to the Home Office where she claimed asylum.


After a negative decision by the Home Office who did not believe that she was a victim of trafficking, we supported Alia through a judicial review.


Our team worked with her legal representatives to facilitate the use of experts to develop the witness statement needed for the review. An emergency application to the Home Office to reconsider the decision was made and the Home Office agreed that Alia had been a victim of trafficking and needed protection.


Alia was granted leave to remain. She was supported by our Move On team to find safe accommodation for her and her child so they can build their new lives as a family in Wales.


Unfortunately, Alia’s case is not unique. We spend a considerable amount of time supporting our clients to appeal decisions. But our work is not fully funded, and we struggle to meet demand.


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