We welcome the publication of Welsh Government’s Nation of Sanctuary, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Delivery Plan. Developed with asylum seekers, refugees and their supporters, in ambition and spirit the plan demonstrates Welsh Government’s leadership in welcoming people to Wales, in recognising the wealth of skills that people bring to Wales, in seeking to provide opportunities for people to thrive and applauding the work of communities across Wales in providing sanctuary.  


We also welcome the words of Jane Hutt, Deputy Minister and Chief Whip, in launching the plan:


“It is a very challenging climate for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. The political discourse and media reporting around immigration over the last few years has heightened tensions between communities. We continue to oppose the compliant or hostile environment policies, which counter our international obligations to refugees and asylum seekers. We fundamentally believe in putting people first and not using immigration status as a barrier to support. We celebrate the support that has been given to refugees and asylum seekers regardless of their country of origin, and we aim to help them contribute to Welsh society in a variety of ways.”


Welsh Refugee Council looks forward to working with Welsh Government and partners across Wales to make this plan a reality and to ensure Wales becomes a Nation of Sanctuary.

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