We believe it is essential to work in partnership with service providers and professionals across Wales in order to ensure asylum seekers and refugees can access the support they need in order to live in safety.

We co-ordinate Health and Wellbeing Meetings in Cardiff and Swansea and regularly assist with the Health and Wellbeing Meetings in Newport. These meetings provide an opportunity for service providers to discuss client cases which concern them, in a confidential setting, promoting effective communication and a more co-ordinated approach. These meetings have been widely commended as models of good practice.


Contact us if you are interested in:

  • Making a referral
  • Receiving advice, guidance and support for a specific case
  • Developing partnership work with us


Social Workers

If you are a social worker we can provide:

  • Information and signposting through the migration information line. (LAUNCHING LATE SEPTEMBER)
  • Further child-specific information where possible/appropriate.
  • Support and advice on asylum seeking children who's age has been or is being disputed.
  • Access to training in order to increase understanding and skills surrounding the needs of asylum seekers and refugees.


Housing Workers

If you provide housing or housing support for asylum seekers and refugees we can:

  • Refer clients to you and liaise with you regarding tenancy support issues.
  • Discuss the needs of individuals with tenancy support workers to avoid duplication of work.
  • Discuss risks surrounding the tenant and assist in maintaining tenancy agreements.
  • Negotiate on behalf of tenancies that are at risk.
  • Advocate on behalf of refugees in regard to tenancy issues with housing providers.


Children and Youth Workers

Children, particularly when unaccompanied, may require specific support and advice during the asylum process. If you are currently working with an unaccompanied child:

  • We may be able to provide practical support.
  • We can provide access to information.
  • We can assist you in making necessary referrals.

In order to support families with young children, we provide a diverse range of play opportunities through our play development work. If you have clients who you think may benefit from these services, please get in touch.

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